Open Closed – Umsonst und Draußen, 22. Juni bis 10. Juli 2022, Kukoon am Wall


Tunche Soundsystem

Th, 23.06.2022 | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Tunche SoundSystem is an explosion of musical anarchy that revolutionizes the fusion between Latin American rhythms and electronic sounds. Their sound is a mixture of rhythms such as cumbia, ragga, indigenous Latin music, hip-hop, salsa and dub. This is combined with lyrics about political issues, such as the struggles of American Indians and migrants.

Mambe & Danochilango

Th, 23.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Ay carumba! If you’re looking for a Latin spark to get a party started, you could do a lot worse than turning to Danish project MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO. They merge cumbia, kuduro, tribal, dancehall, balkan beats & rhythms to their unique futuristic global bass world music – full of energy and spontaneity, a rhythmic mesh of world and electronic music.The Columbian Claudia Rodriguez aka Mambe and Mexican Fernando Mora aka Danochilango are true sonic travellers who unite the rhythms of all cultures to create the world music of the future. Despite the clattering beats and electro flourishes, they frequently lean on acoustic instrumentation, giving everything a tactile, human warmth, while Mambe, singing in Swedish, English, Danish, and Spanish, gives voice to social issues and advocates for grass roots activism.

Mambe & Danochilango have played all over the world, from alternativ clubs to big festivals such as Eurosonic, Roskilde Festival and Fusion Festival. The harmonies of acustic instruments and futuristic electro-sound from Danochilango and Mambe’s stage presence make every club and stage tremble. People dancing in minutes and merge to their own world. In 2019 they released their debut album ‘Kosmopolítēs’ and promptly it received 5 out of 5 stars in the music magazine Songlines and was added in Top Of The World.

La Banda Yolanda

Fr, 24.06.2022 | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

La Banda Yolanda stand for a unique mixture of traditional and new music in Spanish. Together they go on a summery journey. LBY provide with their own compositions, their catchy melodies, their joy of playing and varied performance for the summer feeling, no matter what season.

Cisco Pema

Fr, 24.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall
Credit: Kerim Knight

Cisco Pema, Argentine bassist, producer and singer, born and raised in Buenos Aires, played in various bands in his younger years, then toured South America with Latin music and finally came to Europe to study bass in Austria. In March 2021 he released his new album "Otra realidad", which he now presents live with guitar and "unplugged" in solo format. The performance conveys a convincing and entertaining mix of modern songwriting and South American flair.

María Moctezuma

Sa, 25.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

The show is a meeting of the musical roots of Mexico and a mixture of modern Latin American rhythms that save instruments and elements of indigenous culture. Bossanova, cumbia, jarana, rock, polka and reggae, accompanied by the timbres of a clay flute or those of a giant sea snail, are some of the surprises that captivate the audience. In her texts, mainly in Spanish but also in English and German, María Moctezuma challenges the viewer to become aware of reality and contribute something positive to our society. Moctezuma not only interprets her new album, but also performs new versions of her most successful songs and selected Latin American classics to appeal to the musical memory of her listeners.

She plays solo, but here is a new video from the live show with band anyway: Video Live Show

Los Ambrosios de la Sarita (DJ)

Sa, 25.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Los Ambrosios de la Sarita presents us with great pleasure a wide spectrum of the colorful rhythms of the South American continent but also of other places. Their strong set is an experience full of varied emotions and sounds. Sometimes cumbia, sometimes tropical beat. Sometimes electronic, sometimes acoustic.

DJ Tucalé

Su, 26.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

In 2016, Le took heart and switched from her regular spot at the front left of the dance floor to behind the controls. From contemplative and fluffy to stormy somersaults, Tucalé's sets are eclectic journeys through melodies and rhythms of different places and times, seeming decelerating and yet absolutely eager to move. As much as she refuses labels and genre designations - her influence by the Latin American NuCumbia, Tropical Bass and Slowbeat movement cannot be ignored.
In many tracks sound voices from which we may learn; narratives of stories and sages, of conditions and struggles of this world.

Aluminé Guerrero

Su, 26.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall
Credit: Pierre Campistron & Sol Exte

Aluminé Guerrero is an argentinian singer, composer and producer. Her compositions are an influence of the folklore of her land and other regions of Latin America. A great initiatory journey through this continent gave birth to her current project, marking the identity of her music and words. In the scene, she fuses with acoustic elements (like charango and pinkuyo) and a midi controller with which she plays her electronic bits and expresses the mysticism of her sound universe.

Located in Mother Earth, Aluminé Guerrero's new production "Parte del Mundo" takes its place in a new era of musicians who create a noble and sincere sound, a sensorial sound, whose words awaken our imagination, our consciousness, perceive all living beings on our planet.

DJ Pralina

Th, 30.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

DJ Pralina discovered the fun of DJing at the beginning of the year and is now ready to delight you with her sound. Musically she has settled somewhere between Dark Disco, Italo, Indie Dance and Deep House. She feels comfortable between a lot of melody and happy sounds, which can also be a bit harder sometimes. So far she stays true to her base Bremen with her gigs, gave her debut in Bremen's favorite underground garage and soon it may go to Berlin in addition to the MoynMoyn Festival. Her crew is also brand new, called team.ancora and shares her love for diverse beats. She is happy about every person who dances, laughs, drinks, sits, bobs and wiggles their big toe to her beats. Bounce to full beats, Pralina for the sweetness.


Th, 30.06.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Vocals that go to the heart, cuddly saxophone vibes and basses for the guts: THORD1S from Hamburg layers, loops and mixes themselves live to brand new Eighties, made with love in 2022. A queer-feminist rock'n'roll ride between pop and performance, tearjerkers and minirave. There is no man or woman. There is only THORD1S. Mullet!

The new single "IN THE SUN" will be released on 27.6.2022. More info and the new video for the track can be found here.

THORD1S is the main project of director, musician and performer Thordis M. Meyer (they/them). Recent theater projects are "ACHTERBAHN - Solo so low, solo so high", shown for the first time at LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg in March 2022 and "PERISTALTIK - The Shit Show", that premiered at Club TurTurin Hamburg Wilhelmsburg in December 2021.

Fr, 01.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Maryam's musical development, from the violin to various school bands and opera stages, is as versatile as her German pop. Influenced by different artists and genres, her music combines pop, indie, soul and R&B with electronic beats and organic sounds. All this is carried by her strong and versatile voice. Since the release of her debut single "Im Jetzt" in 2020, Maryam has been constantly working on her music, trying new things and collaborating with various artists such as Stefan Heinrich, Josi Miller and Eveline. Her songs are empowering, laced with Persian wisdom and tell personal stories that invite you to reflect. This makes an artist for whom showing a political stance is not for show, but a matter of honor.

Shenaya S.

Fr, 01.07.2022 | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Shenaya S. is a techno nerd with all her heart and soul. No matter if rough sounds for sunrise or hypnotic-soft sounds for sunset - a subtle swinging bassline must not be missing.


Sa, 02.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

FRAUPAUL is a German-language rock band from Hamburg. FRAUPAUL rehearses in a high bunker in Altona, where they put the finishing touches on frontwoman Lisa's clever lyrics and earworm-worthy riffs. Their songs are about the very normal madness of everyday life, be it in relationships with others, the world in general or themselves.

"How are ́s you really doing?" is one of her most important questions-to herself and her audience. The unvarnished look in the mirror, even if it hurts, is the agenda. Softening up, however, is not her thing, neither in life nor in music. Their thing is uncompromisingly tackling, pulling through their own plan and of course getting up again after falling down - without a crown.

That's how their first EP was created. Recorded in Hamburg kitchens, living rooms, closets, mixed in Munich and mastered in Karlsruhe, five songs were produced that do not shy away from comparison with the male greats of the industry. The EP title "Gut genug" is not only a private confession. It also shows the band's musical self-confidence and sends a clear message: We are ready, count on us.

She just _Left

Sa, 02.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Resistance to conforming to others' expectations gets a space through voice, violin, bass and drums. Pizzicato, noise, rap and melancholy, serious and not serious, space and precision. Future?

She just_Left, a FLINTA*- band from Leipzig, consists of four musicians who met at HMT Leipzig in fall 2019. Their music moves between hip hop, soul, ambient and free jazz. They play with voice, violin, loopstation, synthesizer, electronix, bass and drums. In recent years they played on various stages in Germany and abroad and are currently working on their first album, which will be released in the fall of 2022.

sofi cvo

Sa, 02.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Since 2016, she delights the obsessive ears of the techno crowd with energetic progressive house and electrifying melodic techno elements. With the driving beats and organic melodies she has her home base in locations from Bremen.

Jesus the War Machine

Th, 07.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

For all of us there are songs for the nightly drive home, for the shower, for being alone. Jesus The War Machine mixes from it the taste of the five musicians into one. It gets messy. Through jazzy, bluesy, funky and rock influences, the distinctive skalesque lightness arises, which lyrically seeks the reference to reality. From getting along to nothing, at times metaphorically at times not. Soaked by the sound of the trumpet, covered by the singing of the guitars and the rhythm.

A band formed by chance, which has recently released its first album – cobbled together in the rehearsal room to the dismay of the recordist, but they seem to still be getting along. Throw your paws together for Jesus The War Machine!

Mina Richman

Th, 07.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Singer-songwriter Mina Richman, previously known as Mina Schelpmeier, has reduced the spelling error rate on concert posters and named herself after the famous Cher quote "Mom, I am a rich man." She sings songs about life as a young woman, about loving and falling out of love or not even coming to love. Her English lyrics have depth, yet never lose that certain lightness and warmth that is also found in her powerful voice. Feminist and queer themes also occupy the musician and are taken up in her music. Mina Richman (vocals, guitar, ukulele) does not shy away from the vulnerability that comes with uninhibited honesty.

In addition to humorous anecdotes, Mina also has her sexy band with her. Friedrich Veit Ali Schnorr von Carolsfeld - we checked this name for authenticity - (electric guitar), who reminds us of John Mayer in his playing style and always has a grin on his face, Alex Mau (bass), who embodies joy more inwardly than outwardly as a band stoic, and Leon Brames (drums), who combines these two extremes in one person.

On 06.05.22 she released her debut EP "Jaywalker" on the Münster based Ladies&Ladys label. Her single "Bad Girls" made it into the rotation of DLF Kultur and was recommended by GALA for International Women's Day. Together with the singles "A Broken Friendships Tale" and "Jaywalker", "Bad Girls" was placed on various editorial playlists on Spotify, including EQUAL GSA, Fresh Finds GSA and New Music Friday Germany. And to have all media covered, she is on the first season of the new Sat1 music show "All Together Now".

Carlos Montoya y la Paranormal

Fr, 08.07.2022 | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Pianist Carlos Montoya - with many years of experience in different musical genres - brings his band La Paranormal and their joint compositions: Jazzy Salsa to listen, enjoy and dance!

DJ VooDoo Beats Bass

Fr, 08.07.2022 | Einlass | Beginn | Ende | Location: Kukoon am Wall

Hypnosis, distortion & other sonic innovations, VooDoo Beats Bass, South American Soul and Flow! Que empiece la fiesta!


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