Utopia Film Festival

Corona crisis. Climate crisis. Economic crisis. We live in the permanent crisis. STOP! Nothing is without alternative! We urgently need more utopian ideas. That's why we have been showing films with visions by filmmakers with ideals at the Utopia Film Festival every year since 2015. Let's go to Utopia!

Impression of the Utopia Film Festival 2021:

»Utopia 2021« »Utopia 2021« »Utopia 2021« »Utopia 2021« »Utopia 2021« »Utopia 2021«

Please send your film proposals and submissions by mail to: post [at] auf-nach-utopia.de

Admission to all films is free of charge. However, the planning and realization of the film festival is not. That's why we depend on your donation. Donate as much as you want and can.

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