Anachronism 39088169

Wednesday, 14.07.2021
Anachronism 39088169
Anachronism is once again shapeshifting the physical location and as we are as comfortable as ever in the dark, warm spaces of the Schwankhalle we shall venture outside in the wild. A cooperation between Schwankhalle and Kukoon at Wall will present a long list of different program. We are happy to present our summerselection before breaking of till Ocotober.

Paul Michael von Ganski
... ist Musiker, DJ, Blogger und Klang-
künstler. Als DJ reicht sein Spektrum von Samba Musik der 30er Jahre bis zu house und footwork. Auf seinem Blog stellt er Klassik-Schallplatten aus der Mono-Ära vor. Für seine Live-Auftritte benutzt Paul Michael von Ganski präparierte Plattenspieler und modular synthesizer.
Munk Engelund
... installing a long lost floppy disk has been the climax of the search since many a days. The result was devastatingly disappointing and instead of just forgetting about the whole thing, it has become a frantic obsession to recreate what was lost and cannot be retrieved. Bear witness to yet another attempt surely to fail.


Komplize DJ Set

Please follow the guidelines on site for a safe experience for everyone. More details will be posted here as soon as available.

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